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We are backed by hands-on asset
management entrepreneurs.​

We follow a broadly diversified multi-asset approach.

Cypanga AM manages Cypanga Sicav, created in 2011 by Jérôme Tordo (co-founder of Sycomore AM) together with Christophe Bourret and Alain Wicker, also entrepreneurs in the field of asset management.

Initially launched to manage personal cash waiting to be deployed, Cypanga Sicav has gradually welcomed a few external investors, while ensuring a perfect alignment of interests.

We actively manage investments, within a non-traditional asset allocation, and operate freely without restrictive benchmarks.

Since October 2011, Cypanga Sicav has delivered an average return above 6% a year on its liquid class of shares, after all fees and charges. This is well above inflation in Europe over the same period.

Our day-to-day decisions are guided by 4 fundamental principles.

Balance the portfolio.
We diversify so that no single investment can have an undue influence on our overall returns.

Invest with courage.
We strive to stay separate from crowd behavior and herd mentality.

Match assets and liabilities.
We keep in mind the single most important lesson we learned from the mayhem of 2008.

Minimize costs.
We know costs are permanent losses and their effects compound over time to the detriment of returns.

We have a clear agenda for the future.

Commit ourselves.
We give our best to strive for excellence.

Never give up.
When things go wrong, we hold tight and work harder.

Question ourselves.
We challenge our beliefs and learn from our mistakes.

Think long-term.
We pay attention to the impacts of our choices around us.