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Taking good care
of our liquid assets.

That's why we created Cypanga Sicav more than 10 years ago.

Our vision of private wealth management is simple.

On the one hand, cash in the bank, immediately available for living expenses, but offering no return.

On the other hand, committed assets, likely to offer a high return in the long run, but whose availability is limited and potentially costly.

In addition, a reserve that can be easily mobilized to meet three objectives:
– to provide cash for the living expenses of future years;
– to deploy cash towards committed assets;
– to cope with unexpected events.

At the end of 2011, as part of the management of our own assets, we decided to create Cypanga Sicav to address this specific need.

Since then, we have been joined by like-minded investors wanting to protect their available capital and increase its real value over time.

This portfolio, always built for growth and protection, has delivered since October 2011 an average return above 6% a year on our liquid class of shares, after all fees and charges.

We invest in a widely diversified international portfolio.

Free from the constraints of a formal benchmark, Cypanga Asset Management has the ability to invest globally in different asset classes.

Our primary focus is to avoid permanent capital losses. This is achieved through cautious asset allocation and a significant diversification of our portfolio.

We allocate a considerable portion of our portfolio to outstanding fund managers, benefiting from their experience while diversifying our investment risk.

We also invest in a limited number of companies that we thoroughly understand and which we believe have enduring qualities that will allow investments to compound in value over the long-term.

We are focused on the management of a single fund.

The Cypanga Sicav Diversified Portfolio is an Alternative Investment Fund based in Luxembourg. A renowned custodian, the Pictet Group, has been selected to ensure safekeeping of our assets.

We actively manage investments, within a non-traditional asset allocation, and operate freely without the constraints of a formal benchmark.

We work to preserve capital from extreme variations during periods of crisis while consistentky increasing our portfolio value well above inflation over time.

By restricting our downside risk over any twelve-month period to -5%, we have preserved our capital through very difficult markets; in 2012 (PIGS), in 2016 (European debt crisis), in 2018 (China-USA trade war) and in 2020 (Covid-19).